A U.S. District Court recently finalized a $14.925 billion settlement resulting from Volkswagen’s use of “defeat devices” in their 2.0 Liter diesel vehicles. Though these funds will be a boon for many types of vehicles and equipment, questions still abound – What will the funds be used for? When can I apply? What types of projects will be eligible?

GNA can answer these questions and help track these opportunities, ultimately securing funds for your clean transportation projects. 

GNA’s Funding 360 Program helps companies track, evaluate, and apply for funding programs, including the forthcoming VW settlement funds. By using our comprehensive suite of grant management solutions, our clients enjoy the competitive advantage gained from having a dedicated funding contact who provides notice of key opportunities.

Our unique process includes four steps:


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What does the VW settlement cover?
Volkswagen must commit funds to three programs designed to remedy Volkswagen car owners and offset NOx emissions from the offending vehicles:

  • $2 billion to install ZEV infrastructure, increase public access, and create education programs
  • $2.7 billion to fund grants to purchase new trucks, buses, vessels, locomotives, and other non-road equipment
  • $10 billion to Volkswagen owners and lessees to recall, replace, or repair their cars

When will the funds be available?
Ramping up steadily starting in Summer and Fall 2018, the VW funds will provide sustained and market-moving incentives over the next several years.

However, the wheels have already started turning – states are beginning to engage with stakeholders and agencies are choosing what types of projects to fund first. Fuel providers, vehicle makers, technology developers, and others who are taking a “wait and see” approach are at risk of missing out on the biggest and best opportunity thus far – making your voices known to these agencies is imperative to make sure your fuels, vehicles, equipment, and charging technologies are included in each state’s list of eligible projects.

What types of projects are eligible?
The Department of Justice created a menu of options that states and tribes can choose from. This includes medium- and heavy-duty trucks, school and transit buses, locomotives, ferries and tugboats, marine shorepower, airport equipment, forklifts, and ZEV supply equipment. GNA can help navigate the various options to determine if a specific project will qualify.

How much can you get?
It’s ultimately up to each state to decide. That’s why companies who hope for funding should start now to work with state agencies. This is especially important because states will decide how much funding may be available for each type of vehicle or equipment.

The bottom line?
Now is the time to get in front of state agencies and advocate for funding for your projects. Fuel providers, fleet managers, OEMs, and technology providers should review its strategic priorities and geographies. GNA can help your organization build the necessary relationships with state agencies that will lay the groundwork for advancing your goals and, ultimately, gaining access to the Volkswagen settlement funds.