North America’s Leading Clean Transportation and Energy Consultants

Our team of engineers, funding experts, communications specialists, and government relations strategists collaborate with clients to build the market for low- and zero-emission transportation technologies and fuels. GNA is part of TRC, a leading national provider of engineering and consulting solutions supporting a clean energy future. Learn more.

30 Years of Success

GNA has collaborated with clients to achieve great success, including:

Advanced Vehicles

Managed the design and development of more clean fleet deployment projects than any other firm in North America


Helped facilitate the development of some of the world’s largest renewable energy projects, and clean fuel and EV fleet charging corridors

Funding & Incentives

Secured $1 billion in grant funding for clients with >90% success rate

Outreach & Education

Produced hundreds of educational events and targeted campaigns that influence tangible change


Our mission is to work together with businesses, government, and communities to help build an environmentally and socially responsible future through the use of advanced, clean, alternative, and/or renewable energy and transportation technologies, policies, and innovation.


GNA has adopted a set of basic values to guide our daily actions and our company’s continued efforts. These values reflect our company’s commitment to those we serve:

  • Maintain and improve our company’s reputation for excellence, innovation, integrity and success
  • Continuous dedication to quality, new ideas, and the satisfaction of our clients and employees
  • Leadership in pursuit of pioneering clean transportation and energy projects
  • Encourage entrepreneurship and growth

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access (DEIA)

GNA is committed to a policy of DEIA for all, which is reflected in our ongoing work and efforts in several ways:

  • The work we’ve done for 25+ years to improve air quality in communities most impacted by diesel truck emissions, which are disproportionately low-income and communities of color
  • Our ongoing events that feature culturally and gender-diverse speaker lineups and provide virtual, recorded, and hands-on opportunities to access to critical industry education
  • Ongoing employee training workshops focused on unconscious bias, cultivating cultural competence, hiring and retaining a diverse workforce, and other timely conversations
  • Our commitment to ensuring our offices, communications systems, events, and websites enable equal access for all regardless of ability
  • The cultivation of a working environment that encourages employees to bring their whole selves to work so that they can shine individually and as part of collaborative teams
  • Employee-led committee that strives to promote DEIA through the communication and collaboration of GNA staff, beneficiaries, and events

What Fuels Our Passion

Each day, GNA works to build an environmentally and socially responsible future.


local economic development


air quality for communities


public health


climate resiliency