Low Carbon Fuel Credit Monetization

Create Additional Economic Value for Your Business with Low Carbon Fuel Credits 

To expedite the adoption of low-carbon and carbon-negative fuels, California, Oregon and Washington created comprehensive, statewide credit systems.

  • California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) Program 
  • Oregon Clean Fuels Program (CFP) 
  • Washington Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) 

These programs measure the lifecycle carbon intensity of all transportation fuels sold in the state, and then enable businesses to earn financial credits for using fuel with low and negative carbon intensity. The value of these credits varies daily based on the supply of low carbon intensity fuels in the state, the demand for fossil fuels, as well as other market influences.

GNA helps clients leverage these financial credits to reduce their advanced clean vehicle operating costs. Learn more about how GNA’s process and your financial opportunity below.

GNA’s Comprehensive Credit Management Process

GNA works with companies that seek to retain ownership and control of their carbon credit accounts while relying on GNA’s expertise to implement their participation in the program. GNA serves as the fleet’s “back office,” reporting data, brokering credits, and disbursing funds. In the program, the fleet need only:

Authorize GNA as an account administrator

Provide basic information on the charging equipment and location

Provide quarterly data and electricity distributed to EVs

Indicate qualifying expenditures of carbon credit revenues on an annual basis

Delivering Value Through Expertise

Whether your organization is procuring, producing, marketing, investing in, or developing products using renewable and low carbon fuels, GNA has the experience and expertise to help.

12 Years of LCFS experience on staff
30 Years of clean transportation experience
50k Fueling supply equipment units supported

Calculate Your Business’ Carbon Credit Potential

If your fleet operates in California or Oregon, you can use the calculator linked below to estimate the number of base credits from California’s Low Carbon Fuels Standard (LCFS), Oregon’s Clean Fuel Program (CFP) or Washington Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) that would be generated on a quarterly and annual basis, determined from the selected vehicle type and the number of identified vehicles in your fleet.

To determine your fleet’s gross revenue potential, please contact GNA’s carbon credit experts to understand the value of the credits calculated (credit values change daily).

Year Annually Generated Credits  Quarterly Generated Credits 
2023 0 0
2024 0 0
2025 0 0
2026 0 0
2027 0 0
2028 0 0
2029 0 0
2030 0 0

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