Clean Fleet Strategy

Client Results

8,600+ advanced clean vehicles and equipment deployed with our support
50+ Advanced transportation and clean fuel reports published
225+ Alternative fuel & EV charging stations developed with our support
20+ Renewable gas production facilities opened with our support

Emissions Assessments

Calculate potential emission reductions from adopting clean vehicles and renewable fuels.

  • Determine baseline emissions of current operations (GHG, NOx, PM)
  • Estimate achievable air pollutant and GHG reductions
  • Present emissions equivalency metrics
  • Align with corporate sustainability standards

Fleet Planning Analysis

Evaluate the best clean fuel and technology options.

  • Comprehensive fleet analysis
  • ROI and TCO modeling
  • Project financing options
  • Grant funding and incentives

Advanced Technology Selection

Identify the advanced vehicle technologies that best fit your operating needs.

  • Commercial availability / vehicle option identification
  • Technical readiness level (TRL) feasibility assessments for advanced technologies
  • Defined performance requirements
  • Infrastructure and capacity assessments
  • Bid package development
  • Vendor selection support

Clean Fuel Procurement & Infrastructure

Ensure that fueling is cost-effective, convenient, and safe.

  • Infrastructure plan development
  • Clean fuel procurement
  • Station development support
  • Bid package development and vendor management
  • RIN and LCFS credit generation and tracking

Maintenance Facility Modifications

Confirm that your maintenance garage complies with established safety standards.

  • Facility inspection to flag compliance concerns (e.g., gas detection and alarm equipment, ventilation)
  • Customized plans to bring fleet facilities up to code

Education & Training

Tackle the learning curve that comes with advanced vehicles and clean fuels.

  • Tailored training materials
  • On-site and virtual training courses
  • Custom educational videos
  • Custom safety manuals

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