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Maximize the financial benefits of advanced vehicles and clean fuels with grants, LCFS and RIN credits, and more.

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Funding 360

Leverage grant funding and incentives for clean transportation projects.

Grants, rebates, loans, credits, and tax incentives are critical to the alternative fuel and advanced technology industry. They allow companies to mitigate the incremental cost of implementing clean transportation initiatives, such as vehicle deployment, station construction, maintenance garage upgrades, research and development, demonstration and commercialization, and more.

By using GNA’s comprehensive suite of grant management solutions, clients enjoy the competitive advantage gained from having a dedicated funding contact who provides notice of key opportunities.

GNA’s comprehensive process includes:


Evaluate funding and project development priorities by operational needs, risk tolerance and financial requirements, fuel and technology type, and geographic location and targeted regions.


Monitor requirements for 500+ US and Canadian funding programs by maintaining relationships with all national, state, and local agencies that offer funding.


Keep clients ahead of burdensome administrative requirements and meet ongoing reporting deadlines such as vehicle miles traveled, emissions reduced, funds distributed, and construction progress.


Develop compelling stories that sell your project by leveraging our knowledge of technical requirements, policy trends, market demands, funding agency nuances, and cost-effectiveness requirements.

Grant Writing

Submit a compelling application to secure project funding.

GNA offers clients tremendous expertise on how to successfully secure funding and incentives for clean transportation, low carbon fuels and energy projects. We help our clients:

  • Determine suitable funding programs and understand how competitive a project will be before applying
  • Gain insight into the potential competition to help craft a unique and winning project strategy
  • Understand how to meet and exceed the program criteria to achieve a high score and be awarded funding
600+ Grant Applications Submitted
>90% Application Success Rate
$1 Billion in Secured Grants and Funding for Clients

Grant Reporting

Meet administrative requirements and ongoing reporting deadlines.

Though many entities would like to think of grant funds as “free money,” there are almost always complicated reporting requirements that accompany receipt of public agency grant funding. To ease the administrative burden, GNA helps our clients:

  • Ensure ongoing compliance with the grant program requirements
  • Gather required submission data, including detailed vehicle fuel use, mileage data, and/or station throughput
  • Compile and submit required reports (monthly, quarterly and/or annual)

Program Administration

Run a successful clean vehicle and infrastructure funding program.

GNA works with funding agencies to design and develop funding programs that yield substantial air quality benefits. GNA’s experience supporting clients with funding and incentive programs, combined with our impressive roster of clients and partners, provides funding agencies with the tools to deploy successful incentive programs.

LCFS and RIN Credit Management

Maximize the financial benefits of using clean fuels.

GNA helps producers and end users of clean fuels maximize their revenue potential from Low Carbon Fuel Standard programs and the federal Renewable Fuel Standard (RINs).

  • Evaluate vehicle eligibility and metering
  • Establish the energy use for eligible equipment
  • Estimate annual revenue from credit sales
  • Register equipment and facilitate quarterly reporting
  • Broker and monetize your credits

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GNA has assembled a unique team to build the marketing for advanced transportation and energy solutions, including:

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