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Gain the knowledge, resources and contacts you need for a successful advanced transportation or energy project.

Businesses throughout the world are leveraging the benefits of alternative fuels to reduce fuel costs, decrease vehicle and equipment emissions, and meet their sustainability goals. While the benefits may be substantial, the use of new low carbon fuels and technologies can present fueling and infrastructure challenges, capital investment, training hurdles, and more.

GNA’s events help companies obtain the information, resources, and industry contacts needed to successfully evaluate and implement their own clean transportation and energy projects. Our consulting practice gives us the unique ability to keep a pulse on the latest projects, challenges, and opportunities faced by fleet operators today. Browse our event series to learn more!

The Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo — taking place May 20 – 23, 2024 in Las Vegas Nevada — is North America’s premier event showcasing today’s cutting-edge commercial transportation technology and clean fuels. Since 2011, ACT Expo has served as the official meeting place for transportation executives looking to gain hands-on access to the fuels, technologies, and vehicles driving the future of transportation. The event features:

  • A who’s who of transportation industry executives
  • Fleet-focused educational sessions
  • Product debuts from leading suppliers and OEMs
  • Unmatched networking opportunities 
  • Comprehensive line up of advanced commercial vehicles

Participate in a members-only educational network where the industry’s most progressive fleet operators share best practices and evaluate opportunities to invest in the latest advanced commercial transportation technologies.

  • Fleet-to-fleet learning opportunities
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Exclusive real-world project tours

The California Hydrogen Leadership Summit explores the policies, programs and incentives needed to accelerate production, use, and storage of hydrogen. The event will explore how hydrogen can help: 

  • Decarbonize transportation, power, and industrial applications
  • Improve air quality and protect our climate
  • Bolster energy resiliency
  • Create high-paying in-state jobs

GNA has been organizing events in the advanced transportation and clean fuel industry for more than 25 years.

If you need information about one of our other past events, please contact 

Renewable Gas 360

Renewable Gas 360 provided critical education to legislative staff and public agency representatives on the many economic and environmental benefits of renewable gas.

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Event Years: 2018 to 2020

California Dairy Sustainability Summit

The California Dairy Sustainability Summit explored new ways for dairy farmers to promote environmental sustainability, improve operational efficiency, reduce emissions and conserve water, set high standards for animal health, and reduce on-farm costs.

Event Years: 2018 and 2020

Natural Gas for High Horsepower Summit

The High Horsepower (HHP) Summit was a first-of-its-kind conference on the use of natural gas to fuel a broad spectrum of high horsepower operations—including marine, rail, E&P operations, and mining. The event brought together natural gas and high horsepower stakeholders from across the globe for a week of cutting-edge programming, peer-to-peer learning, a large and dynamic expo hall floor, off-site tours, innovative workshops, and numerous project and product debuts and announcements.

Event Years: 2012 to 2017

Natural Gas Vehicle Industry Summit

The Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Industry Summit assembled natural gas industry executives to discuss critical strategies and tools to sell the unmatched environmental value proposition of near-zero natural gas trucks fueled with renewable natural gas.

Event Years: 2016

NGV Global

NGV Global 2014 was the 14th biennial conference and exhibition for NGV Global – the world’s leading association promoting the development of the global natural gas transportation market. The conference was co-located with the 2014 Alternative Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo, North America’s largest clean fleet show.

Event Years: 2014

Natural Gas Vehicle Fleet Summit

Breaking new ground in the quest to inform America’s fleets about the benefits of natural gas as a vehicle fuel, the National Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) Fleet Summit assembled a powerhouse of OEM executives, gas suppliers, industry analysts, and America’s top fleet managers.

Event Years: 2010

National Biomethane Summit

The National Biomethane Summit connected legislators, researchers, engineers, practitioners, and stakeholders from around the world to examine the latest topics in the biomethane industry.

Event Years: 2009

Faster Freight – Cleaner Air

Faster Freight – Cleaner Air (FFCA) was the nation’s premier conference on freight mobility and air quality, with a focus on the preeminent issues facing the goods movement industry.

Event Years: 2004 to 2009

Low Carbon Fuels Conference & Exhibit

The Low Carbon Fuels Conference & Exhibit was created to showcase the fuels, technologies, policies and actions that would allow California to meet policy goals, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, diversify transportation fuel supplies, and establish a sustainable market for cleaner-burning fuels.

Event Years: 2008

Clean Vehicle Technology Expo

The Clean Vehicle Technology Expo was widely recognized as the premier event for fleet and purchasing managers, infrastructure providers, alternative fuel stakeholders, public agencies, and others to learn about available incentive funding programs, clean technologies, and equipment.

Event Years: 2002 to 2008