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Build the market for advanced transportation and clean energy products and services.

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Market Assessments

Understand the complete landscape that impacts your product success.

To successfully launch a clean tech product or service, it’s critical to ensure that proper market research and analysis is done, and that a clear and defined strategy is put in place. GNA helps clients:

  • Examine economic, political, technological and environmental influences
  • Analyze market positioning
  • Forecast the market penetration timeline
  • Understand customer perceptions and purchasing behaviors
  • Identify core target markets and the total potential market size
  • Build pricing structures and analyze customer ROI timeframes
  • Determine appropriate sales and distribution channels
  • Assess necessary fueling and maintenance infrastructure

Product Certification

Secure full approval to bring your product to market.

Navigate the regulatory requirements that must be met for alternative and advanced technology vehicles and engines to be fully commercialized and legally sold to end-users. With significant capital investments required for the research and development of new clean transportation technologies, successfully navigating various government certification and verification processes is an absolutely critical step. GNA can help:

  • Bring a product through the multi-stage conception—testing, demonstration, certification process
  • Facilitate meetings with key California Air Resources Board and Environmental Protection Agency staff
  • Determine the regulatory requirements that must be met
  • Develop and coordinate test strategies and plans
  • Document the certification and verification applications

Investor Guidance

Leverage unmatched advanced transportation market insight.

Gain a high level of confidence and understanding of today’s market challenges, opportunities and forward growth curves. We can provide insight into:

  • Market readiness of transportation technologies and infrastructure
  • Policies and incentives that will spur market adoption
  • Key factors shaping customer purchasing decisions
  • The role and influence of public and private stakeholders, and relevant NGOs
  • From startups to established global brands, the array of companies in the low carbon energy, transportation and fuel arena

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Meet Our Team

GNA has assembled a unique team to build the marketing for advanced transportation and energy solutions, including:

  • Engineers and technical experts
  • Grant and funding experts
  • Communications and media specialists
  • Government relations strategists