GNA supports ROUSH on a variety of initiatives to build brand awareness and increase market share through development of initiatives and materials designed to reinforce their position as an industry leader.

  • Media Relations
  • Design Services
  • Outreach Campaigns
  • Events & Experiential Marketing
  • Funding 360

About the Project

ROUSH CleanTech is an industry leader of alternative fuel vehicle technology, developing innovative and reliable propane autogas and natural gas fuel systems and electric drivetrain technologies.

California Propane Vehicle Roadshow

To provide policymakers and fleet operators hands-on exposure to trucks and buses featuring ROUSH’s ultra-low-emission propane autogas technology, GNA organized a three-city roadshow event including:

  • Organizing the full event logistics from venue contracting to vendor management
  • Developing a robust outreach campaign, including partner marketing, email marketing, social media, and media relations
  • Supporting the program development and speaker management

The events attracted more than 100 attendees from school districts, delivery fleets, municipalities, airports, dealerships, air districts, public agencies, and other clean transportation stakeholders from throughout California.

Roush Propane Roadshow
Roush New Product Unveilings

New Product Unveilings

GNA helps ROUSH maximize earned media coverage when unveiling its latest technologies—including their new propane autogas and EV product lines. Our support has included:

  • Identifying and inviting speakers
  • Drafting talking points
  • Managing media outreach
  • Coordinating press event logistics

Advanced Vehicle Funding Support

Through GNA’s Funding 360 program, our team helps ROUSH identify and take advantage of myriad funding sources—including opportunities furnished by Federal and state agencies, the Volkswagen Settlement, and carbon markets. These funding programs have been key to scaling the deployment of their propane, CNG and battery-electric trucks and school buses, as lowering their customers’ upfront procurement costs greatly improves total cost of ownership.

Roush Vehicle Funding
ROUSH Educational Collateral

Educational Collateral

To educate policymakers on the benefits of propane autogas vehicles, GNA developed visual fact sheets to spotlight cost-effectiveness in reducing emissions compared to other fuel types, as well as an array of fleet operating benefits—noise reduction, simplified maintenance, proven reliability, and more.

Product Development and Market Entry

GNA supports ROUSH in the development of new engine technologies via:

  • Market study reports
  • Policy and program advocacy
  • Product funding support
  • Stakeholder outreach
Roush Development

“The ability to leverage the diversity of talent and quality relationships built at GNA allows ROUSH CleanTech to remain flexible and customer focused, which are the cornerstones of our success. GNA provides us with data and analysis, research, strategy, program management and technical support. Most important, though, is that we accomplish important milestones together as partners while having fun in the process,”

-Todd Mouw, president of ROUSH CleanTech