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Apply advanced, clean technology cost-effectively with a comprehensive sustainability strategy.

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Sustainability in transportation is more than marketing and reporting frameworks.

Your unique sustainability strategy must ensure that implementing new technologies enables your business to meet its operational, customer, and financial goals.

When sustainability strategies are well-designed and thoughtfully implemented, they can reduce costs, drive revenue, and attract and retain investors, customers and talent—enabling your business to lead. GNA is the nation’s leading firm that helps organizations across the industry build sustainability strategies drawing on four capabilities:

Nearly 30 years of advanced transportation expertise

Unmatched funding intelligence and success

Leading experts in clean technology cost and feasibility analysis

Efficient alignment with sustainability standards and frameworks

Assess & Measure

Evaluate sustainability frameworks and emissions requirements to establish baseline measurements.

  • Identify the key drivers motivating your organization to implement a sustainability strategy (whether that is meeting customer needs, ensuring resiliency, innovation, improving brand image, increasing talent recruitment, or reducing costs)
  • Review sustainability standards and expectations of your key stakeholders
  • Assess your current sustainability position relative to competitors and the market
  • Measure the emissions of your operations (GHG, NOx, PM)
  • Identify opportunities for air pollutant and GHG reductions

Goal Setting & Prioritization

Set sustainability goals that meet operational, customer, and financial requirements.

  • Incorporate industry sustainability standards
  • Set leading targets for sustainability improvements (including emissions reductions, net-zero goals, or science-based targets)
  • Assess and evaluate ROI of clean technology adoption, including the potential to leverage grants, incentives, and credits to offset CapEx and OpEx costs
  • Consider regulatory and policy drivers impacting your timelines
  • Engage key internal stakeholders and gain buy-in

Implementation Planning

Create and execute a strategy that integrates sustainability and ESG into your operations.

  • Develop a detailed short-term and long-term implementation timeline with key sustainability and ESG milestones
  • Create a team, management structure, and partnerships to ensure progress
  • Incorporate your sustainability plan into your corporate culture and identity
  • Evaluate the anticipated impact of your strategy for your entire business
  • Collaborate with suppliers and distributors to expand your sustainability goals beyond your organization

Innovative Pilots and Demonstrations

Design technology pilots that meet your operational goals and establish your sustainability leadership.

  • Evaluate the leading sustainable technologies and their fit for your operations
  • Identify innovative funding and partnership opportunities to share cost and risk
  • Develop project plans that enable you to collect data
  • Evaluate results and the potential to replicate in other parts of the organization

Sustainability Communications & Reporting

Communicate the goals and results of your sustainability and ESG strategy with transparency and credibility.

  • Develop a messaging strategy and outreach strategy tailored to internal and external stakeholders
  • Implement an integrated public relations and marketing plan to maximize visibility of your goals and results
  • Share compelling updates on sustainability key milestones, key performance indicators, and measurable targets
  • Produce a compelling sustainability report that ensures you stand out from the crowd

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