Recent updates to California’s LCFS program make participating now more lucrative than ever before.

From initial registration to credit generation, GNA offers expertise, guidance, and support, helping you navigate the LCFS program and leverage existing or future assets to generate revenue. GNA’s brokerage experts understand the complex LCFS market and do the hard work for you—ensuring your credits are monetized to their fullest value each quarter.


GNA has been helping clients meet their sustainability goals while generating revenue from the LCFS program since its inception.


We seamlessly manage all aspects of participating in the LCFS program– from registration to credit generation:

  • Establish goals and understand the financial opportunityAs a first step, GNA will educate its clients on the latest LCFS program developments and requirements to ensure clients understand how to begin taking advantage of their assets as credit generating resources. 
  • Assess operations and plan strategicallyGNA will evaluate a client’s operations to optimize existing and planned assets in order to maximize current as well as future credit generation potential. 
  • Our brokerage experts handle the hard part: GNA will work with CARB to ensure clients are registered and receiving the full value of the credits they generate each quarter. We then have the in-house capabilities to broker your credits, thereby creating cash revenue for your bottom line on a quarterly basis.

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