Offset the cost of clean vehicle technologies and fuels with low carbon fuel standard programs.

Your fleet has the potential to generate enough money to pay for the cost of advanced technologies and increase your bottom line through state and federal low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) programs. These programs are market-based compliance measures that pays fuel producers or equipment owners to reduce emissions by using clean technology. Electricity, renewable natural gas, hydrogen, renewable diesel, and propane all count as alternative fuel options under the program.


Electric vehicles have more earning potential with the California LCFS and Oregon CFS programs.

Electric vehicles are increasingly becoming commercially available as new emissions regulations accelerate zero-emissions technology adoption. The time is coming to evaluate your fleet’s possibilities for electric vehicles.

Low carbon fuel standard (LCFS) programs in both California and Oregon offer electric fleets an additional revenue stream to pay down the cost of electrification. LCFS credits can be generated directly by fleets charging their own electric equipment, and these credits are turned into revenue to offset electricity costs and reduce total cost of ownership for electrification.

These programs give fleets an opportunity to earn additional revenue by using eligible electric equipment including trucks, vans, buses, forklifts and other cargo handling equipment, yard trucks, and transportation refrigeration units (eTRUs). To see how much you could be earning, CLICK HERE to see the most up-to-date LCFS credit data.

GNA helps clients earn LCFS credits directly to maximize clean fuel revenue generation and meet sustainability goals.

GNA’s brokerage experts understand the complex LCFS market and do the hard work so you can save time while earning additional revenue with your EV program. We seamlessly manage all aspects of participating in the LCFS program– from initial equipment evaluation, to registration, to credit generation:

  • Evaluate asset eligibility and financial opportunity: As a first step, GNA will educate its clients on the latest LCFS program requirements for vehicle eligibility and metering, establish the energy use for eligible equipment, and estimate the client’s annual revenue from credit sales.
  • Register equipment and manage reporting: Accurate and defensible LCFS credit reporting is critical to ensure clients are generating the maximum credits each quarter. GNA will first manage registering the eligible equipment. Once registration is complete, we facilitate quarterly collection and evaluation of electrical data usage and prepare for submission to CARB.
  • Credit brokering and monetization: GNA has the in-house capabilities to broker your credits, with the goal of maximizing the revenue generated each quarter. This results in cash revenue that can be invested back into your fleet’s electrification program.
  • Enhance sustainability and revenue generation using renewable energy: GNA can help clients generate additional revenue and meet sustainability goals by using renewable electricity to charge your electric assets. This can be achieved with on-site PV generation, with renewable energy certificates (RECs), or through other renewable pathways like biogas-to-electricity.

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