With significant capital investments required for the research and development of new clean transportation technologies, successfully navigating various government certification and verification processes is an absolutely critical step. New advanced technologies, alternative fuel vehicles and engines, and emissions control technologies must be approved before they can be commercialized and legally sold to end-users.

Established Relationships: Bringing a product through the multi-stage conception—testing—demonstration—certification process is complex, but can be skillfully facilitated by GNA’s technical team. Our firm has a long history of working with the California Air Resources Board (CARB) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to secure the approvals required to commercialize engine, fuels, hybrid drive systems and after-treatment technologies. GNA also has significant knowledge of the federal, state and local funding programs that support research, development, and demonstration projects in these areas.

Full Project Management: By engaging GNA early in the product development process, our technical team can work as an intermediary between the manufacturer and the agency to:

  • Facilitate introductory meetings with the appropriate CARB and EPA staff
  • Determine the regulatory requirements that must be met
  • Develop and coordinate test strategies and plans
  • Document the certification and verification applications

If your product has already been developed and has been unable to obtain the required CARB or EPA certifications/verifications, GNA can still help. Our technical team has experience working with a variety of advanced technology vehicles and engines at all stages of development.