New York City’s Roadmap to “80 X 50”

New York City’s Roadmap to “80 X 50”

GNA helped develop New York City’s roadmap to achieve an 80% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

  • Emissions Assessments
  • Education & Training
  • Communications Strategy

About the Project

By 2050, New York City (NYC) has committed to reduce city-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 80% relative to the 2005 baseline (“80 x 50”). GNA was engaged to help develop and begin implementing NYC’s roadmap to achieve its goals.

Our Strategy

Working with the Mayor’s Office of Climate and Sustainability (MOS) and NYC Department of Transportation, GNA joined with Buro Happold and Sam Schwartz Engineering to develop the transportation components of NYC’s Roadmap to 80 x 50. GNA’s strategy included:

  • Conducting a global survey of best practices for low- and zero-emission vehicles, low-carbon fuels, and sustainable freight policies and projects
  • Producing the “Business-As-Usual” forecast of NYC’s future transportation emissions for 2030 and 2050 to integrate into integrated modeling forecasts
  • Generating a series of strategies related to low- and zero-emission vehicles, low-carbon fuels, and sustainable freight for consideration by the MOS and project team
  • Creating an emissions model that helped NYC identify the transportation strategies and actions that would be necessary to meet both interim and 80 x 50 goals

Key Successes

NYC released its 80 x 50 Roadmap in 2016. Specific accomplishments that GNA helped plan include:


The NYC Clean Fleet initiative aimed to create the largest zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) fleet of any U.S. city.


The roadmap outlined plans to increase use of low-carbon and renewable fuels where ZEVs were not feasible.


The work spurred commitments to sustainable freight transport via the NYC Department of Transportation.

Community Impact

Supporting the development of NYC’s Roadmap to 80 x 50 has helped the city:


providing improved public health benefits

Protect Our Climate

due to the reduction in fossil fuel use

Improve Trust and Transparency

by sharing the city’s plan with key stakeholders and members of the public

Spur Clean Tech Market Development

through commitments and investment at the government level