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Traditional Fuels and the Bridge to Zero-Emission Trucks

September 7, 2021

Source: Fleet Owner

Shell’s 80-ft. long Starship 2.0 truck, designed to glide down the road like a fish through water, was near impossible to miss in a sea of battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and alternative “clean” energy projects on display at the 2021 ACT Expo. The tractor-trailer stands out not only because of its sleek look and size, but it demonstrates what is possible leveraging efficiency technologies and energy sources that are available today.

“We have 10 years max to build a business, in my view, that is sustainable for the future and moves us away from the traditional products and gives us the opportunity to build more into the alternative energy space,” Patrick Carré, VP of Shell’s Commercial Road Transport Sector, pointed out during an ACT Expo Fireside Chat with Erik Neandross, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates CEO.

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