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Texas Latest to ‘Charge’ EV Owners, Delaware Touts New ‘Green’ Laws  

August 30, 2023

Source: ACT News

Electric vehicles (EVs) are staking a definitive claim in all transportation sectors, but some states are not ready to go without the taxes related to filling up with fossil fuels. More than half the country charges EV owners for making their way down road via battery-electric locomotion.

Texas recently joined a group of 33 states that are charging EV drivers as a way to reconcile the taxes they are avoiding at the pump. Starting September 1, EV owners will have to pay an additional $200 when registering a new EV or renewing their registration. Since they no longer need gas to power their vehicles, these motorists do not have to pay gasoline taxes, which go directly to the state highway fund to cover the cost of repairs and road construction.

The state has been looking into the issue for some time, releasing a report in 2020, Study on Imposing Fees on Alternatively Fueled Vehicles. According to the Texas Department of Transportation’s research, the state loses approximately $80 a year for every hybrid registered in the state and $100 for each EV. The report also called into question the reliability of the power grid if the state saw load increases by EVs charging during peak hours, especially if there is an increase in DC Fast chargers.

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