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Special Report: Electric Vehicles – Electric Energy

December 1, 2022

Source: Los Angeles Business Journal

Dakota Semler, the chief executive of Xos Inc., was headed south on San Fernando Road between Glendale and Atwater Village earlier this month in an electric-powered step van when he pulled up behind a Fed Ex Express delivery truck.

“You can see Fed Ex, one of our customers,” said Semler, whose company makes electric trucks. Although that delivery truck was powered by diesel, it’s one that could be electrified in the not-so-distant future.

The Atwater Village manufacturer already has sold a number of EV-powered delivery step vans to Fed Ex Ground, another division of the Memphis-based delivery services company, Semler said.

“Fed Ex Ground is one our biggest customers,” he added. “Fed Ex Express is a different division, and we are working closely with them on some vehicles.”
The step van that Semler was driving is, as he described it, a big aluminum box that rattles a lot, especially when empty. But even with the rattling it is still quieter than a diesel van, he said.

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