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Ford Highlights EV Efforts, Partnering with Utilities to Increase Adoption

July 15, 2021

Source: ACT News

During a recent webinar focusing on utility programs designed to increase fleet adoption of electric vehicles (EVs) within the state of California, the Ford Electric Vehicle Integration Manager Mark Poll emphasized the OEM’s growing commitment to EVs nationwide.

“We’re proud to be the only full-line U.S. automaker to stand with the Paris agreement and with California to adapt the strongest in the nation greenhouse gas standards,” said Poll, also pointing to the fact that Ford has increased its investment in electrification from $22 billion to $30 billion globally through 2025. “Ford is developing our products and services to help our fleet customers navigate this changing environment and take advantage of the opportunities that the new technology with electrification and connectivity allow.”

The automaker’s recent reveal of its F-150 Lightning Pro, and the upcoming release of the E-Transit, will further its EV message and likely increase adoption, as the F-150 has led truck sales for more than four decades.

F-150 Lightning Pro: Opening the Door for Increased EV Adoption

As a well-known model in the vocational space, the new F-150 Lightning Pro will give many fleets their first entry into the EV space. The inclusion of a front trunk — or “frunk” — gives work truck fleets more for tools and materials, and the inclusion of outlets throughout the truck offers workers a mobile generator, with four 120V outlets and one 240V outlet. The newly available Zone Lighting provides 360-degree visibility for crews that need to work in the evening.

The estimated range of 300 miles will also pave the way for more fleets to test the EV waters, as many vocational fleets’ daily driving habits are far less. The inclusion of smart technologies accessible through a mobile app, the web, or with in-vehicle 12-inch touchscreen allows for easy access to vehicle productivity information.

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