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How Does Electricity Pricing Affect Fleet Electrification?

June 19, 2019

Source: ACT News

In the first part of this series, we outlined how electricity is generated and delivered to an electric vehicle (EV). To review, electricity is charged particles, generated by various fuel sources, moving at the speed of light. The electric grid transports electricity over power lines across often vast distances to its point of use. At any given moment, the amount of electricity on the grid must equal the amount of electricity requested by end-use consumers.

The act of fueling an EV is as simple as plugging in a cell phone or hairdryer. However, the business of EV charging and management is more complex. Readers who want to transition their commercial fleets to battery electric vehicles face several total-cost-of-operation (TCO) considerations. Understanding the mechanics behind electricity pricing as well as which pricing factors can be controlled is a critical step towards optimizing, and minimizing, the long-term costs of fleet electrification.

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