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In last-mile electrification, Amazon sees another opportunity to dominate

August 21, 2020

Source: Freightwaves 

Already dominant in cloud computing and online delivery, Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) is taking its market-moving mentality to another multibillion-dollar sector: commercial transportation electrification.

“Our approach is not to wait around and see what the [original equipment manufacturers] deliver but to share our vehicle requirements and influence product design to meet our needs,” said Maria Carne Lee, senior product manager, Global Fleet and Products, Strategic Initiatives at Amazon.

Lee’s comment came during a panel discussion hosted by the ACT Virtual clean transportation conference this week. During the discussion, which focused on first-, last- and middle-mile electrification, she doubled down on the e-giant’s green commitments, ticking off a list of investments the company has made to reduce its carbon footprint.

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