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CA Drayage Fleets Get Reprise from Clean Fleets Rule

January 2, 2024

Source: ACT News

Just days before the California Air Resources Board was slated to implement a wide-reaching step in the Advanced Clean Fleets rule, the agency has decided to postpone the move until the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “grants a preemption waiver applicable to those regulatory provisions or determines a waiver is not necessary.”

In a letter to the California Trucking Association, dated December 27, CARB addressed the group’s opposition to the impending rule, which took the form of a federal lawsuit this past October (CTA v. CARB, Case No. 2:23-cv-02333). As a response to the suit, CARB stated it will not take enforcement actions against high-priority or drayage fleets if they fail to meet reporting requirements or add new internal combustion engine vehicles to the registry during this period. The agency will also refrain from taking action against “vehicles that exceed their useful life periods,” which also includes 2007-2009 model-year natural gas drayage trucks. According to the letter, CARB will not de-register those vehicles until the EPA makes its final decision.

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