At GNA, helping our customers achieve their clean transportation and energy goals is our main priority. We are inspired by knowing that as we work to expand the clean transportation market, we improve national energy security, create US jobs, improve air quality for communities, and aid our customers in reducing their operating costs.

GNA Team 2013

We thrive on developing new and innovative solutions for each of our clients’ unique needs, which makes our work both exciting and challenging. To be successful, we adhere to a simple plan. We hire employees with a specific combination of qualities—integrity, passion, curiosity, and a constant drive to improve the world around them. We begin every project knowing that we will find a positive solution. We start with yes.

With more than 20 years of proven business success, our principals and team members have become recognized leaders in the nation’s environmental community. Our projects have earned national awards and recognition from agencies and associations, including the South Coast Air Quality Management District, Coalition for Clean Air, and the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition. We are proud to receive such distinction, but for us, seeing the difference we are making is what’s most rewarding.

We invite you to learn more about our team of engineers, policy and compliance specialists, grant writers, public affairs managers, and events and marketing professionals who collaborate on each project to develop the unique strategies that make GNA a recognized industry leader.

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