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9 Reasons Clean Fleet Adoption is Accelerating

June 23, 2021

Source: Greenbiz

Last summer, Katie Fehrenbacher wrote about the “State of Sustainable Fleets” report put out by the research team at Gladstein, Neandross and Associates (GNA). A few weeks ago GNA updated its report, with a few significant developments over the last nine months that led the authors to proclaim 2020 “a landmark year for the clean fleet industry.”

Consistent with the 2020 report, the data covers the use and development of four clean vehicle technologies: drivetrains powered with propane; compressed natural gas; batteries; and hydrogen fuel cells. The report also spans across sectors — from municipal to urban delivery to long-haul — and includes data related to fleets that have never used one of the four clean vehicle drivetrains. The authors said that perspective helped them learn about perceived or actual barriers to clean fleet technology adoption.

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