Advanced Clean Truck (ACT) Rule

The California Air Resources Board’s Advanced Clean Truck Rule impacts OEMs with zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) production requirements and is currently being adopted and/or considered in several states outside of California. The ACT requires manufacturers who sell medium- and heavy-duty vehicles to sell zero-emission vehicles as an increasing percentage of their annual sales from 2024 to 2035. Therefore, it is imperative that manufacturers understand the potential impact upcoming and proposed regulations may have on their business.  

GNA has developed several tools and relationships with industry leaders to help comply with the rule. 

Adopting ACT Rule

The table below contains the U.S. states and Canadian provinces that have adopted for are in the process of adopting California’s ACT Rule. 

Avoid the fines and public relations challenges associated with non-compliance.

GNA tracks states that are considering adopting the ACT rule, including the status of implementation and fleet reporting dates, and helps manufacturers:

  • Identify and project their compliance needs under this rule  
  • Track the timeline of rule and deadlines for opportunities to comment  
  • Monitor any changes including additional states adoption of rule 
  • Secure funding to reduce compliance costs 
  • Understand the rule’s recordkeeping and reporting requirements  
  • File required reports 

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