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The “Ready Now” Alternative Fuel

June 17, 2019

Source: ACT News

In May, global fleet UPS announced a seven-year agreement to purchase 170 million-gallon equivalents of renewable natural gas (RNG) from leading natural gas fuel provider, Clean Energy Fuels—the largest purchase of RNG in US history. This massive commitment to RNG, which Clean Energy Fuels produces from organic waste, signals to the rest of the transportation industry that RNG is a leader in low-carbon fuels.

Utilizing existing natural gas trucks and a network of natural gas stations, UPS’ continued transition to RNG will be seamless, according to their director of fleet procurement. With this new commitment, UPS will now be using almost as much RNG over the next year as it has over the past five years combined. Year-over-year, UPS continues to invest significant capital to expand its natural gas truck fleet and the infrastructure needed to support it because the technology works—it’s proven, reliable, and commercially available today.

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