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The First VW Settlement Projects Have Been Funded

October 11, 2018

Source: ACT News

Stemming back to the early 2000’s, the foundations of the Volkswagen emissions scandal lay in the company’s efforts to create a viable “clean” diesel option for the light-duty market. Unfortunately, the path to mitigate the negative air quality impacts of the offending Volkswagen vehicles has been long and fraught with time-intensive legal wrangling. When the EPA published a series of partial settlements in 2016, the horizon looked bright for a motherlode of clean transportation grant funding opportunities. However, a series of legal maneuvers, buttressed by long periods of internal reviews and plan development by each state, kept pushing that windfall of funds for a clean transportation future further and further away.

There is no wonder then that many in the industry are left asking: “When will the funds start to flow into actual projects?” Fortunately, recent announcements by Louisiana and Pennsylvania have declared: the time is now!

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