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Renewable Gas 360 Webinar Series Highlights Renewable Molecules

June 24, 2021

In recognition of the reality of the Rethink Methane program, in 2020 the symposium was rebranded as “Renewable Gas 360,” or RG 360. This new designation recognized the wide variety of renewable molecules discussed and symbolized the 360-degree critical review of these essential energy resources.

One year ago, GNA expanded Renewable Gas 360 to include a webinar series. This was done for several reasons. First, given the importance, value, and quality of the discussions that were taking place at Renewable Gas 360, attendees wanted additional and more frequent information. Second, sponsors suggested that the Renewable Gas 360 curriculum that was being presenting to only California policymakers needed to be heard by a national audience. Finally, the pandemic necessitated a new strategy to deliver the Renewable Gas 360 syllabus to stakeholders in a virtual environment.

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