Created January 2017

Produced for Rethink Methane 2017

Webinar Description:

Hear from the Board Chairs of the Bioenergy Association of California and The RNG Coalition on the future of renewable methane in today’s regulatory and policy environment.

Following the passage of SB 32, AB 197, SB 1383 and other groundbreaking bills in the 2016 session of the California legislature, these business leaders will share insight into:

  • Critical steps to ensure successful implementation of these bills
  • Opportunities for investment and jobs in California’s renewable methane industry
  • Remaining hurdles that need to be addressed


MODERATOR: Cliff Gladstein, President, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Evan Williams, Chair, Board of Directors, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas

Greg Stangl, Board Chair, Bioenergy Association of California