Created November 2013

Produced for Southern California Gas Company

Webinar description:

Southern California Gas Company and the Coalition for Clean Air hosted a webinar exploring renewable natural gas (RNG) development projects in California and how they could be used to meet on-site energy needs for transportation and electricity generation.


Tom Hintz
SeaHold, LLC

Tom Hintz is the senior/managing partner at SeaHold, LLC and is passionate about the conceptualization and implementation of waste-to-energy projects. Tom specializes in the in the conceptual design, commissioning and operation, and eventual interconnection of alternative energy facilities to natural gas and electrical distribution networks. Recognized for his expertise in the field, Tom regularly advises local, regional and state regulatory agencies and commissions on renewable energy project development.

Jim Lucas
Biofuels Development Group, Southern California Gas Company

Jim Lucas is the Market Development Manager for the Biofuels Market Development group at Southern California Gas Company. This group’s mission is to support, promote and further develop the biogas market by helping customers create value from their organic waste. Since starting with SoCalGas over 18 years ago, Jim has held a variety of positions relating to Product Development, Project Management, Energy Efficiency, Operations, Financial Analysis, and Engineering on both the regulated and unregulated sides of the business.

Wayne Bishop
Harvest Power

Wayne Bishop has more than 25 years of experience developing renewable energy projects, with a specific focus on biogas projects over the past six years. As a senior project developer for Harvest Power, Wayne oversees several renewable natural gas projects throughout California. Wayne is currently developing a 650,000 diesel gallon equivalent per year biofuels project at an existing compost facility in Tulare, CA.