Created February 2016

Produced for Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo

Webinar Description:

As the largest buyers of transportation technologies, fleets are frequently confronted with a number of challenging issues that come with cutting-edge technologies such as battery electric vehicles. Two major issues often include, 1) the upfront costs, and 2) the uncertainty regarding the quality and readiness of the technology. Now that EV technology in motorcycles, passenger vehicles, and various medium and heavy duty vehicles have been tested and, in many instances, proven in the marketplace, fleets are looking even more closely at this growing segment of the clean vehicle industry. While interest and demand of the product has grown significantly, incremental vehicle costs often still remains a challenge, especially in the public sector where “leadership directives from above” may not always come with the appropriate “funding from above.” Thankfully there are a number of innovative incentive programs being offered by both the private and public sectors to help facilitate procurement and deployment of EVs throughout North America.

Closing Remarks:

  • ROEV – This Electric Vehicle (EV) industry trade association focuses on adopting and promoting universal industry standards to provide accessible and convenient EV charging across multiple charging stations and charging networks.


  • Mark Deutsch,EV Business Development Manager, Nissan
    Prior to Nissan, Marc was an applications engineer, sales and marketing director and more recently a sales manager at a large BMW dealership in Los Angeles. Marc was instrumental in growing sales through expansion of international markets. At the BMW dealership Marc’s passion for automobiles helped him be a key contributing team member that more than doubled the sales and was in the top group in the country for customer satisfaction for both new and pre-owned vehicles. Marc’s current role as EV Business Development manager for the West and Northwest Regions with Nissan allows him to focus on developing relationships with Fortune 500 companies, government and universities on promoting the Nissan LEAF, fleet applications and workplace charging. Marc has a BS in Aerospace Engineering and a MBA.
  • Joe Annotti, Senior Associate, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates (GNA)
    Joe manages GNA’s Funding 360° Program, which offers a comprehensive suite of grant tracking, writing, and management services to our clients. He provides project management, data analysis, and strategy development expertise for GNA’s broad client base and, building on his experience in the oil and gas industry in Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi, he provides market analysis and strategic recommendations for the adoption of natural gas fueling technology throughout the Gulf of Mexico. Additionally, Joe’s former leadership experience at the US Environmental Protection Agency supports clients seeking public affairs and policy guidance in the environmental arena.