Created June 2014

Produced for LNG Canada

GNA was contracted to help LNG Canada—a joint venture between Shell, Mitsubishi Corporation, KOGAS, and Petro China—increase public awareness and support for its LNG export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia.

During the project, GNA worked to build positive relationships with local stakeholders through a series of educational workshops. Together with LNG Canada, GNA hosted several live LNG demonstrations in Kitimat, Terrace, and the Haisla First Nation, as well as at the BC LNG Conference in Vancouver. GNA CEO Erik Neandross put on his lab coat and safety goggles and provided a real-world science lesson about the properties of LNG—including how it becomes liquefied, how it is safely stored and handled, and what happens if it is released, mixed with water, warmed up, and even ignited. The workshops reached a wide variety of stakeholders, from school children and local residents, to the fire chief, local business leaders, the city council and mayor, and other decision makers and stakeholders.

Using footage from the workshops, GNA worked with LNG Canada’s video production team to create a 10-minute educational highlight reel from the Kitimat demonstrations. To learn more, read GNA’s LNG Canada case study.