Created August 2014

Produced for High Horsepower (HHP) Summit

Webinar description:

Learn how fueling with clean-burning LNG can help marine operations meet emissions control area (ECA) compliance and save millions of dollars in fuel costs over the operating life of a vessel. Hear about exciting advancements being made with natural gas vessel deployments across domestic and international maritime operations that are propelling the marine industry forward, including:

  • Natural gas marine engine advancements, with a closer look at performance, durability, maintenance, and emissions
  • Regulatory updates on LNG bunkering, including safety and environmental considerations
  • Successful marine deployment projects, highlighting real-world fuel cost savings, payback period, and lessons learned


Cliff Gladstein
Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

For more than 30 years, Cliff has been instrumental in the development of environmental programs and policies that have improved air quality, increased the use of clean fuels and advanced technologies in transportation, and spurred the creation of innovative public-private partnerships in a variety of sectors. As a leader in both the environmental community and the alternative fuel industry, Cliff offers a unique perspective on critical issues facing North America’s on- and off- road transportation system and the goods movement business.

Leif Gross
Caterpillar Marine

Based in Hamburg, Germany, at Caterpillar’s marine power systems worldwide headquarters, Leif oversees product development for Caterpillar and MaK branded marine engines. With 20 years of technical and commercial marine engine experience, Leif’s current role focuses on Caterpillar’s marine strategy for developing LNG-fueled engines as a cost-effective solution to meet impending ECA compliance standards.

Roy Bleiberg

Roy brings 24 years of global marine and offshore systems experience to this webinar, as well as an in-depth knowledge of US Federal and state regulatory requirements. Bleiberg spearheads ABS class activities on several cutting edge US LNG projects, including the Harvey Gulf dual-fuel offshore support vessels, TOTE’s dual fuel new construction and conversion projects, and various floating LNG export terminal projects in development.