Created January 2018

Produced for Advanced Clean Transportation News in partnership with Advanced Clean Expo 2018

Webinar Description:

“Renewable fuel” is a buzzword increasingly being heard throughout the transportation sector as news headlines tout renewable fuel procurement commitments from top fleets like UPS, Waste Management, LA Metro, the City of San Diego, Ruan Transport, and more.

Market development for an array of renewable fuels—including natural gas, propane autogas, diesel, and hydrogen—has continued to accelerate as an emerging solution to help states achieve their air quality and climate objectives, sustainably manage organic waste streams, and create economic development opportunities.

Watch this recorded webinar to:

• Learn how these fuels are produced and estimated supply forecasts
• Understand how to financially benefit from the renewable and low-carbon value of renewable fuels
• Hear tips on the best ways to contract for renewable fuels


Johannes Escudero, CEO & Executive Director, Coalition for Rene3wable Natural Gas

Jon Leonard, Senior Vice President, Gladstein, Neandross & Associates

Jack Brouwer, Associate Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center