Created October 2018

Produced for Advanced Clean Tech News

Webinar Description:

Fuel cell electric vehicles continue to see increased attention year over year as a promising solution to replace internal combustion engines in goods movement and other energy intensive applications. Hydrogen station development, new vehicle launches, and fleet deployments continue to increase at a steady pace, with significant growth expected in the near term as policymakers around the world continue to announce their intent to introduce mandates for zero-tailpipe emissions.

Watch this recorded webinar to celebrate National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day:

  • Learn how fuel cell technologies can enable commercial fleets to meet sustainability and regulatory compliance objectives
  • Understand how fuel cell engines work, including the impact on vehicle and operator performance (fuel economy, range, emissions, up time, driver experience)
  • Gain insight from a global delivery fleet that has been successfully testing fuel cell-powered electric delivery vans
  • Learn why October 8 is “National Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Day”


Larry Pitts, Director of Mechanical Design, Plug Power

Phillip Galbach, Project Engineering Specialist, Global Vehicles, FedEx