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GNA Launches Policy 360 to Provide Real-Time Critical Policy Intelligence

July 1, 2021

As more states consider strategies to shift from petroleum-based fuels to renewable, low-carbon, battery or hydrogen powered vehicles, it is critical that fuel providers, fleet operators, original equipment and component manufacturers, public utilities, governments, and other stakeholders keep abreast of policy developments that may impact them. To address this need, GNA created Policy 360, a clean transportation policy tracking program designed to keep transportation stakeholders informed about emerging public policies that will impact their business.

Policy 360 is made up of a team of “policy gurus” that every day connect with their contacts in local, state and federal agencies about the latest developments in clean transportation regulation and legislation. Our team not only tracks what is happening, but with our network, we obtain reconnaissance on where policymakers are thinking of going next. This enables us to anticipate policy developments before they are made official, giving our Policy 360 clients the opportunity to influence policies before they are even proposed.

Policy 360 is the evolution of the involvement and support GNA has had over the past 28 years in supporting the clean transportation industry.  Our work helps our 300+ clients—fleet, OEM, technology providers, and other stakeholders— effectively navigate the ever-changing landscape of advanced clean transportation.  To learn more, contact Cliff Gladstein, founding president of GNA.

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