February 26-27, 2019
Sacramento, CA

Rethink Methane brought together more than 300 stakeholders from the California Air Resources Board, California Energy Commission, legislative staff, and multiple other state and local agencies, as well as professionals from the bioenergy, dairy, hydrogen, electric, natural gas, and fuel cell industries. These innovators convened to discuss the role renewable gas can play in helping California immediately and cost-effectively achieve the climate, air quality and economic development objectives set in SB 32, AB 197, SB 1383, SB 100, SB 1440, AB 2313, and AB 1826 as well as other important state polices.

Sessions included:

  • RNG Regulation, Policy & Programs – What’s on Deck for 2019?
  • Roadblocks Causing Hydrogen Market Development Gridlock
  • Real-World Struggles of California Renewable Hydrogen Projects
  • Beyond Transportation: Incentivizing RNG for Residential & Business Customers
  • Strategies to Encourage Private Investments in CA Renewable Gas Projects
  • Latest Moo-vement on Dairy Digester Development

Attendees gained insight on opportunities for continued industry growth from renowned clean energy leaders, including:

  • Nancy Skinner, California State Senator, District 9
  • Cliff Rechtschaffen, Commissioner, California Public Utilities Commission
  • Cecilia Aguiar-Curry, California State Assemblymember, District 4
  • Jena Price, Legislative Affairs Manager, California League of Conservation Voters
  • Floyd Vergara, Chief of Industrial Strategies Division, California Air Resources Board
  • Tanya Peacock, Manager, Public Policy and Planning, SoCalGas
  • Mary Solecki, Partner, AJW
  • Jack Brouwer, Director, National Fuel Cell Research Center
  • Sam Wade, Director of State Regulatory Affairs, Coalition for Renewable Natural Gas
  • Michael Silva, Project Manager & Civil Engineer, CR&R
  • Aaron Ratner, Managing Director, Ultra Capital



If you did not attend this event and would like access to speaker presentations, please contact events@gladstein.org.