September 26-28, 2012
Houston, Texas

The High Horsepower (HHP) Summit is North America’s leading conference on the use of natural gas to fuel a broad spectrum of high horsepower operations—including marine, rail, E&P operations, mining, earthmoving, and off-pipeline industrial applications. This inaugural conference was a confirmed success and indication of the tremendous momentum building in the industry with more than 845 registered attendees.

Over the course of three days, 63 expert speakers and 15 unique conference plenary and breakout sessions helped attendees gain a better understanding of the opportunities to reduce fuel costs and minimize emissions by switching to natural gas in high horsepower off-road equipment applications.

Key speakers included:

  • Joel Feucht, Director of Natural Gas Strategy, Caterpillar, Inc.
  • John Somerhalder, Chairman, President ,and CEO of AGL Resources
  • Oscar Bergheim, Operations Manager, Fjord1
  • James Burns, General Manager, LNG in the Americas, Shell
  • Tom Choi, National Practice Leader – Gas Deloitte MarketPoint LLC
  • Dave Dunley, General Manager, Caterpillar Global Petroleum
  • Robert Frayser, General Manager, Lisbon Valley Mine
  • Robert Geddes, President, Ensign Energy Services
  • Fakhri Hamady, Division Technical Advisor, United States EPA Office of Transportation and Air Quality
  • Peter Han, President, Chart Industries Asia Pacific
  • Richard Heckmann, Chairman & CEO, Heckmann Corporation
  • David Hill, Vice President, Natural Gas Economy Operations, Encana Corporation
  • Trond Jerve, Head of Business Development, Clean Energy, AGA AS (The Linde Group)
  • Eric Marsh, Executive Vice President, Natural Gas Economy, Encana Corporation
  • Timothy Meyers, Office of Design and Engineering Standards, System Engineering Division, United States Coast Guard
  • Normand Pellerin, Assistant Vice President, Environment and Sustainability, Canadian National Railway
  • Frank Starke, Global Product Manager for Oil & Gas, Caterpillar, Inc.
  • Samuel Thomas, Chairman, President & CEO, Chart Industries
  • Peter Tumminello, President, Sequent Energy Management



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