October 11-13, 2016
Chicago, Illinois

The 2016 HHP Summit at Chicago’s McCormick Place provided attendees with a wealth of insight on the natural gas market momentum taking place across North America. The enthusiasm, commitment, and optimism for natural gas powered HHP markets was clear. Driven by pioneering end-users like BNSF, Carnival Corporation, Alaska Railroad, Western Copper & Gold, TOTE, Crowley, and the many others that participated in HHP Summit, natural gas supply chains for HHP applications are starting to take shape from the Caribbean to the North Yukon.

This exciting progress is made possible due to the leadership, and fortitude, and vision from the fuel, equipment, and engine suppliers making significant investments to build these markets. A variety of these technologies were on display in the exhibit hall, including multiple newly debuted products (outlined in the 2016 Event Summary), further demonstrating the industry’s commitment to continue charging forward.

As we look ahead toward projected oil price increases, and a rapidly growing focus on environmental regulation, climate change and carbon pricing, there’s no question that we will continue to see the market for gas engines, storage equipment, and distribution accelerate. One theme was clear throughout the conference—collaboration and strong partnerships will be critical as we strive to meet North America’s energy security, economic development, air quality, and climate change mitigation goals.

To all of our attendees—thank you for continuing to be a part of this important conversation. We look forward to seeing you at our 2017 show!


If you did not attend this event and would like access to speaker presentations, please contact events@gladstein.org.