UPS Logo

Client Description:

UPS is a global leader of logistics and the world’s largest package delivery company. Its fleet is made up of thousands of vehicles powered by alternative fuels and clean vehicle technologies–including propane, compressed natural gas (CNG), hybrid-electric, liquefied natural gas (LNG), all-electric, ethanol, and hydraulic-hybrids.

Client Goals:

  • Secure grant funding and incentives to help offset the incremental cost of alternative fuel vehicle and refueling infrastructure projects across the United States

LNG Refueling UPS Truck

GNA Strategy:

  • Deliver full service grant writing for UPS

Project Results:

  • Helped UPS secure more than $21 million in funding from local, state, and federal sources for a wide variety of alternative fuel vehicles, advanced vehicle technologies, and natural gas fueling stations. This includes:
      – 160 Class-8 LNG powered tractors
      – 50 CNG powered package delivery walk-in vans
      – 40 hydraulic hybrid powered package delivery walk-in vans
      – 30 hybrid electric package delivery walk-in vans
      – 24 CNG powered yard hostlers
      – 3 LNG/LCNG refueling stations
  • Received recognition from President Obama for sustainability commitment: A highlight of these projects was the January 26, 2012 visit by President Obama to the LNG/LCNG refueling station constructed to serve UPS’ LNG tractors in Las Vegas, Nevada.