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Client Description:

The global leader in food products distribution transitions to alternative fuels

Client Goals:

  • Demonstrate the use of cutting-edge low-emission technologies for food service distribution, including LNG and hybrid electric trucks, and various zero-emission reefers
  • Take advantage of grant funding and incentives to support early stage AFV deployments
  • Apply lessons learned to expand the use of AFVs in Sysco Foods’ North American fleet operations

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GNA Strategy:

  • Leverage funding opportunities in Southern California and from the US DOE and other federal agencies to support early-stage AFV deployments of LNG and diesel-electric hybrid trucks
  • Secure grant funds to assist Sysco Foods to convert its largest distribution operation in Southern California to LNG as a test bed for additional fleet conversions throughout North America
  • Spec, bid, and assist Sysco Foods to procure and install an on-site LNG fueling facility and shop facility upgrades to accommodate the fueling and maintenance and repair of LNG trucks
  • Secure US DOE Clean Cities funding to deploy diesel electric hybrid trucks through Sysco Foods’ North American operations to gain a better understanding of the technology and performance results from heavy-duty hybrids in a food service application
  • Complete a detailed investigation into the potential and environmental impacts of cryogenic CO2 and electric powered refrigerated trailer technologies
  • Develop and implement a comprehensive strategy for the successful permitting approval of a cryogenic hydrogen fueling station to fuel hydrogen fuel cell powered pallet jacks and warehouse equipment

Project Results:

  • $5 million in federal, state, and local grants secured: GNA identified and secured for Sysco Foods multiple sources of grant funds from local, state and federal sources to support the company’s various AFV technology deployment projects.
  • Conversion of the largest Sysco Foods distribution in North America to LNG: Over a multi-year period, GNA assisted Sysco Foods to replace its 185 unit Southern California distribution fleet with new LNG powered trucks.
  • Built a new LNG fueling facility integrated with existing diesel fuel islands: GNA wrote the specifications and bid package to secure a contractor to build a new state-of-the-art LNG fueling station at Sysco’s Los Angeles distribution facility.  GNA assisted in the permitting and approvals required to provide LNG fueling on the same islands as its existing diesel fueling operations.
  • National deployment of diesel hybrid electric trucks: With more than $3 million in federal grant funds secured by GNA, Sysco Foods was able to purchase and deploy 79 diesel hybrid electric tractors throughout its North American fleet in order to further evaluate the suitability of this technology for its operations.
  • Comprehensive evaluation of various zero emission refrigerated trailer technologies: GNA completed several technical evaluations and stakeholder interviews on multiple zero emission reefer technologies including a cryogenic CO2 system as well an innovative battery electric approach with on-route recharging capabilities.
  • Permitting approval of a cryogenic liquid hydrogen fueling station for fuel cell powered warehouse equipment: GNA successfully developed and implemented a comprehensive education-focused permitting strategy focused on demonstrating the safety and code-compliance of a cryogenic hydrogen fueling station adjacent to an active Air Force Reserve base and runway, and among other LNG and diesel fuel storage at the Sysco facility.