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Client Description:

The South Coast Air Quality Management District is the air quality agency covering most of Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.

The Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program was a pilot program at the time with the name “Replace Your Ride” in the South Coast Air Quality Management District. Replace Your Ride provides between $2,500 and $9,500 for qualified residents (based upon income levels and geography, with a focus on disadvantaged communities) to “replace your ride” with newer, cleaner vehicles or other other transportation options. Consumers must own and scrap older, higher polluting, actively used car and must purchase replacement car at program-authorized dealerships.  Emissions testing of the vehicle that will be replaced was a required part of this program.

Client Goals:

  • Organize and provide staffing support to first-of-its-kind Replace Your Ride event that focuses on finishing applications for consumers who have indicated interest in the South Coast Air Quality Management District’s Enhanced Fleet Modernization Program.
  • Organize event in concert with Senator de León’s staff for the first Eastside Environmental Fair in Boyle Heights; event also featured a Farmer’s market, music, and other vendors.  Enable on-site emissions testing, sample car crushing, and application processing outdoors at an LA Metro stop with parking constraints.
  • Develop appointment booking system for time blocks with case managers and contact queued consumers to set up appointments under each case management firm’s individual appointment page.

GNA Strategy:

  • Coordinate event logistics and programming within three weeks at a parking constrained event, enabling nearby handicap parking and enabling consumers and others with mobility impairments to notify us for accessible parking instructions.
  • Research, procure, and establish a sophisticated appointment booking system that allowed for three case management firms to have their own separate booking page on one platform and provided easy reporting features for real-time updates to project team members.
  • Develop content and launch several targeted email efforts to multiple sets of consumers on each case management firm’s list to coordinate appointments and provide instructions for emissions testing (where required).
  • Create walk-in and appointment script protocols, including needs for multi-lingual customer support.

Project Results:

  • Carried out successful “finish your application” event with Senator de León:  GNA worked with and coordinated over 15 separate vendors and offices to launch an outdoor event to provide case management and onsite emissions testing.
  • Developed content for and sent 18 separate emails to 1,200 consumers:  GNA was tasked with creating specialized content for multiple audience segments based upon 1) case manager; 2) application status; 3) special needs, e.g., mobility impairments and translation services; and 4) past communication with case manager.
  • Enabled 178 queued consumer appointments to be established with different case managers with 70 preapprovals given onsite and 20 people added to the waitlist: From GNA’s procured online booking system, communication with consumers, and event management efforts, several consumers walked away from the event with a preapproval letter enabling them to visit a qualified dealer and select a replacement car. Several families received keys to their new car at the event in partnership with the South Coast Air Quality Management District and the Senator.