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Client Description:

The South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) is the air pollution control agency for greater Los Angeles, an area covering more than 10,743 square miles and populated by 17 million people.  SCAQMD develops and adopts an Air Quality Management Plan, which serves as the blueprint to bring this area into compliance with strict air quality standards.

Client Goals:

  • To successfully utilize approximately $100 million per year in incentive funds that help end users “buy down” the incremental costs of cleaner technologies
  • To achieve surplus emissions reductions through early retirement of in-use goods movement trucks and replacement with new trucks meeting 2010 federal emissions standards
  • To promote and expedite development, demonstration, and commercial deployment of low- and zero-emissions technologies, especially in the transportation sector

Joseph Lyou speaks with reporters Joseph Lyou speaks with reporters

GNA Strategy:

  • Assess the emissions benefits and costs of advanced clean transportation technologies and fuels
  • Demonstrate the most promising near-zero-emission vehicles (NZEVs) and zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs), including advanced alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) technologies
  • Design and/or implement programs that incentivize end users to accelerate fleet modernization and purchase advanced vehicles that achieve surplus emissions reductions
  • Plan, develop, and deploy AFV fueling infrastructure
  • Develop and implement major outreach programs and technical forums to highlight the advantages of NZEVs, ZEVs and AFVs
  • Create community awareness about air quality issues and how to contribute towards cleaner air

Project Results:

  • Planning of SCAQMD’s phase 1 demonstration of a zero-emissions catenary-electric goods movement system: GNA is playing a leading role in the scoping and development of SCAQMD’s efforts to build a one-mile test bed track for zero-emissions catenary electric drayage trucks. GNA has provided comprehensive support to SCAQMD on the engineering, government relations, funding, and technology aspects of the demonstration, which could potentially be scaled up into a major zero-emissions goods movement system for the greater Los Angeles area.
  • Member of SCAQMD’s Clean Fuels Advisory Group: GNA’s senior leadership serves on SCAQMD’s Clean Fuels Advisory Group, which provides technical input into the overall scope and specific projects for SCAQMD’s approximately $20 million per year RDD&D program to expedite commercialization of low- and zero-emissions technologies.
  • Support for a Grant Program for California Proposition 1B, Highway and Port Safety and Air Quality Bond Act (2006): GNA is responsible for collecting and reviewing Prop 1B annual reports for fleet modernization grants covering approximately 1,200 heavy-duty trucks. The majority of these are local goods movement delivery trucks, with a small portion being port drayage trucks. GNA helps SCAQMD meet the California Air Resources Board’s reporting requirements and insure that these trucks meet obligations for usage (e.g., 100% operation in California). GNA assists grant recipients with solving problems related to the operation of their trucks and helps ensure that grant monies reduce emissions as intended.