Client Description:

The Port of Los Angeles is North America’s leading seaport by container volume and cargo value and has a strong commitment to developing innovatively strategic and sustainable operations that benefit Southern California’s economy and quality of life. Port operations and commerce facilitate about one in 14 jobs in the City of Los Angeles and one in 18 jobs in the five-county Southern California region.

Client Goals:

  • Effectively communicate the Port’s ongoing efforts to address the implementation of various project mitigation measures to surrounding communities, environmental groups, media, and other stakeholders
  • Develop a robust and functional forum for stakeholder engagement on sustainable freight programs and environmental initiatives
  • Identify a range of potential measures to address emissions, including immediate actions and longer term policies or strategies

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GNA Strategy:

  • Develop a stakeholder outreach program that includes several opportunities for engagement between Port staff and the community
  • Create a new online portal designed to provide a greater level of communication on Port emission-reducing projects and encourage direct stakeholder engagement in Port sustainability initiatives.
  • Facilitate the formation of a technical advisory committee to evaluate technologies and make recommendations to Mayor Eric Garcetti and Port Executive Director Gene Seroka for moving cargo more efficiently and advancing zero-emission goods  movement
  • Advise Port staff on strategic messaging and media campaign development

Project Results:

  • Formed the 10-member Port of Los Angeles Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee: GNA worked with Port of LA team and the Mayor’s office to identify, invite and confirm participation of a diverse collection of committee members including, environmental, labor, industry, government, and community leaders. GNA continues to provide technical support to the Committee and facilitates monthly meetings, the first of which included an in-person meeting with Mayor Eric Garcetti and Port Executive Director Gene Seroka.
  • Organized a press conference with Mayor Eric Garcetti to announce clean air initiatives: Worked with Port of LA team to coordinate and implement a successful project kick off and media event for the Pasha Green Omni Terminal project, Sustainable Freight Advisory Committee, and other port initiatives. Participants included Mayor Eric Garcetti, CARB Board Member Judy Mitchell, Port Executive Director Gene Seroka, and several Pasha executives. GNA also supported the Port’s communications team in developing press release content, inviting media and article placements.
  • Designed and developed a multi-faceted, air quality-focused website: GNA’s in-house team created a new online presence for stakeholders to easily navigate and learn about important Port initiatives that have improved air quality for the region. The new site serves as a place where visitors can track progress on air quality mitigation measures for key Port improvement projects and become more directly involved with the Port of LA. (website launching August 2016)