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Client Description:

The world’s leading diversified manufacturer of motion and control technologies and systems, providing precision-engineered solutions for a wide variety of mobile, industrial, and aerospace markets.

Client Goals:

  • Secure federal and state-level funding to support deployment of hydraulic hybrid technologies
  • Successfully navigate the regulatory requirements from Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board for hydraulic hybrid technologies


GNA Strategy:

  • Identify target regions that have funding and incentive mechanisms established to support the deployment of hydraulic hybrid technologies
  • Develop a strategy to pursue deployment projects in target geographic regions based on funding and incentive availability
  • Coordinate test activities necessary for Parker’s hydraulic hybrid technology to qualify for specific funding programs

Project Results:

  • Over $3.5 million in federal, state, and local grants secured: GNA identified available incentive funding, and wrote and submitted detailed grant applications on behalf of Parker and its customers for hydraulic hybrid vehicle purchases, demonstrations, testing and development. Funding was secured through US EPA Emerging Technologies Program, DOE’s American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, CA Air Resources Board, CA Air Pollution Control and Air Quality Management District, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority funding solicitations.
  • Placement of Parker Hannifin’s hydraulic hybrid technology on the EPA’s Emerging Technologies List: GNA drafted a comprehensive verification test plan and application enabling Parker’s hydraulic hybrid technology to be the first powertrain technology to be listed on EPA Emerging Technologies List. This enabled Parker’s customers to apply for funding under the DERA Emerging Technologies Funding Assistance Program to support the purchase and demonstration of Parker’s technology.
  • Qualification of Parker’s hydraulic hybrid technology with CA’s Hybrid Voucher Incentive Program (HVIP): GNA developed, drafted, and coordinated a comprehensive test plan to validate the benefits of Parker’s technology for qualification on CA’s HVIP Eligible Vehicle List. GNA negotiated test requirements with CARB and worked closely with Parker’s engineering team to conduct the required tests. Once added to the Eligible Vehicle List, every vehicle sold in the state of CA automatically qualified for a voucher incentive to reduce the incremental purchase price for the end user.
  • Development of a test plan and evaluation of business case for certification of Parker’s hydraulic hybrid technology in accordance with CA’s interim hybrid vehicle certification test procedure
  • Development of revolving loan fund and technology qualification test requirements: GNA developed a revolving loan fund program designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the deployment of hybrid vehicles. Participants in the revolving loan fund used savings received from reduced fuel consumption to repay the loan that funded the incremental cost of the technology.
  • Ribbon-cutting ceremony planned to commemorate momentous project effort: GNA coordinated an event recognizing Parker’s significant role in the Maryland Hybrid Truck Initiative which deployed 40 of Parker’s hydraulic hybrid vehicles with UPS in Baltimore and Atlanta. GNA coordinated many of the event logistics, media outreach, and other elements of the ceremony.