Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program Logo

Client Description:

New York City Department of Transportation (NYC DOT) incentive program to facilitate the purchase of clean trucks

Client Goals:

  • Reduce diesel emissions, improve air quality, and promote public health in the Hunts Point and Port Morris communities by replacing older, dirtier trucks that serve the food distribution facilities with newer, cleaner models


GNA Strategy:

  • Leverage grant funding from the Federal Highway Administration’s Congestion Mitigation/Air Quality (CMAQ) Program to replace up to 500 older trucks with new diesel or alternative fuel trucks or outfit existing vehicle-s with exhaust filter retrofits
  • Work with the City and project partners to ensure stakeholders are aware of the program and encourage qualified applicants to submit applications for grants to help ease initial purchasing costs for newer and cleaner trucks
  • Educate truck owners and operators about the advanced transportation technologies that are available for program funding

Project Results:

  • Launch of the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program:
    GNA helped develop, implement and promote a clean truck program that offers attractive incentives to fleets and individual owner operators to purchase new trucks with the best available advanced transportation technologies.
  • Significantly reduce emissions and improve local air quality:
    The Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program will reduce emissions from hundreds of older trucks through the use of advanced vehicle technologies and cleaner fuels that are cost effective and better for the environment. Significant reductions in nitrogen oxide and diesel particulate emissions will improve air quality in local neighborhoods in the South Bronx.
  • Educational workshops and community engagement activities: GNA developed, coordinated, and produced the program’s launch event, vendor network meeting, Clean Trucks & Technology Expo, and other stakeholder engagement opportunities to educate prospective applicants and the community about the benefits of participating in the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program.
  • Established network of program supporters throughout trucking and food distribution industries: GNA identified and contacted various stakeholders involved in the local trucking and food distribution industries to help promote the benefits of the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program. GNA continues to nurture these relationships with diverse stakeholder groups and has leveraged this network of supporters to extend the program’s reach beyond the immediate community benefiting from this clean transportation initiative. Through this network of supporters GNA has established partnerships with private and public organizations to leverage communication resources for the benefit of the Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program.
  • Development and implementation of a strategic marketing and outreach campaign: GNA conceptualized and has led the development of the strategic marketing and outreach campaign that utilizes a broad range of techniques to distribute messages quickly and effectively. Techniques used to transmit important program information include an educational website, distribution of flyers, participation in local community and industry events, advertisements in local journals and industry publications and communications, weekly e-blasts, promotional activities with local truck dealers and food market managers, the development of program decal, and media releases.
  • Received US EPA’s “Breathe Easy Leadership Award for Technology Measures”: In September 2013, GNA’s Hunts Point Clean Trucks Program with the New York City Department of Transportation was recognized by the Northeast Diesel Collaborative with the Breathe Easy Leadership Award for Technology Measures. The award emphasizes the ongoing air quality improvements made by the clean trucks program in the Hunts Point and Port Morris communities.