LNG Canada

Client Description:

LNG Canada is a joint venture between Shell, Mitsubishi Corporation, KOGAS, and Petro China to build an LNG export facility in Kitimat, British Columbia. TransCanada’s 670 kilometer Coastal Gas Link pipeline will deliver natural gas to the LNG terminal.

Client Goals:

Increase public awareness and support for an LNG export facility and associated pipeline in Kitimat, British Columbia

On the road to give LNG demosDemos allow the audience to get hands on with LNG

GNA Strategy:

  • Educate regional residents, community leaders, local businesses, environmental groups, students, and government agencies about the basic safety and environmental properties of LNG
  • Deliver a live table-top demonstration to project stakeholder groups in order to demonstrate the physical properties and characteristics of LNG
  • Provide an open, two-way dialogue between local stakeholders and LNG Canada partners to proactively answer any questions and potential concerns about natural gas, LNG, safety and environmental considerations of the proposed LNG export facility and supply chain

Project Results:

  • Built positive relationships with local stakeholders through a series of educational workshops: GNA worked with LNG Canada and TransCanada to host several community forums and live LNG demonstrations about LNG in Kitimat, Terrace and the Haisla First Nation, the annual BC LNG Conference in Vancouver, and in multiple First Nations communities and towns along the Coastal Gas Link pipeline route. GNA CEO Erik Neandross put on his lab coat and safety goggles and provided a real-world science lesson about the properties of natural gas —including its transportation from the gas field to the terminal, how it becomes liquefied, how it is safely stored and handled, and what happens if it is released, mixed with water, warmed up and even ignited. The workshops reached a wide variety of stakeholders, from school children and local residents, fire chiefs and first responders, local business leaders, city councils and mayors, and a variety of First Nations hereditary and elected decision makers and stakeholders. Special consideration was given to students of all ages, including children attending the Haisla First Nation Community School, teenagers at the Kitimat City High School, and young adults attending a variety of technical trade schools. Participants were given ample opportunities to ask questions, express their concerns and misperceptions about natural gas, and even play a part in the LNG demonstration. Post-event interviews confirmed that the workshop participants greatly increased their level of understanding about natural gas and LNG and felt positive about the economic opportunities that the project would bring to their community.
  • Co-produced an educational video to provide real-time answers to all interested stakeholders: GNA assisted LNG Canada and TransCanada to create several educational videos to augment the project’s various in-person engagement strategies. GNA helped to develop the script, interview questions, and B-roll shot list. The videos are now available on the LNG Canada and TransCanada informational websites, www.lngcanada.ca and www.coastalgaslink.com.