Client Description:

LA n Sync is an initiative of the California Community Foundation, which is a partnership among academia, civic, nonprofit, business and philanthropic organizations in the Greater Los Angeles area who are committed to elevating Los Angeles through the securitization of private and public funding.

Client Goals:

  • Assemble a compelling proposal that makes the case to Electrify America on why Los Angeles is a good return on investment in transportation electrification for the $800 million, California-specific Volkswagen 2.0L ZEV Investment Funds.
  • Organize a strategic advocacy campaign to attract Electrify America funding in coordination with community, business, and philanthropic organizations.
  • Support Los Angeles in ongoing attraction of funding for transportation electrification from private and public funding sources.


GNA Strategy:

  • Organize and support the City of Los Angeles, LA n Sync, and the Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation (LAEDC) in setting up meetings with community, business, and philanthropic organizations to develop a proposal in response to Electrify America’s call for projects.
  • Develop three separate visual proposal documents to demonstrate why Los Angeles in the area of Green City, Infrastructure, and Outreach that positioned Los Angeles as an ideal location for investment.
  • Organize public hearing participation from 15 different organizations in Los Angeles at the first Electrify America plan hearing to urge funding to come to Los Angeles.
  • Promote initiative to customers and the community
  • Support follow-up Electrify America, California Air Resources Board, and coalition meetings and advocacy to secure funding for Los Angeles in first funding round.

Project Results:

  • Resulted in an investment of up to $25 million for Los Angeles metropolitan area in electric vehicle charging infrastructure investment from Electrify America (largest of any metropolitan area in the United States). Electrify America submitted within their ZEV Supplement to the California Air Resources Board that this dedicated funding was a result of the organized advocacy from the first plan hearing. “There was also tremendous support for the selection of Los Angeles as a Green City expressed at the CARB hearing in Riverside. As a result, in May, EA executives met with the Los Angeles Mayor’s staff, local utilities, and members of the Green City coalition in Los Angeles. EA presented the substantial level of community charging investment planned for the Los Angeles region, producing productive dialogue and excitement about the potential for investment in the Los Angeles region.” – Electrify America ZEV Supplement
  • Enabled a communication infrastructure among important community, business and philanthropic organizations in Los Angeles on attracting future funding for transportation electrification.