Client Description:

Public/private partnership created to expand alternative fuel vehicle use and refueling station access throughout the Western United States.

Client Goals:

  • Develop a regional clean fuel corridor for heavy-duty natural gas vehicles
  • Offer fleet operators assistance implementing alternative fuel technology
  • Provide fueling station information, grant funding assistance, and start-to-finish project implementation assistance.

ICTC Map Station Opening Ceremony

GNA Strategy:

  • Develop a robust network of alternative fuel user fleets and public access stations between Los Angeles, the San Joaquin Valley, Sacramento, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Reno and Salt Lake City along I-80, I-5, CA-99, I-10 and I-15 highways.
  • Analyze the specific needs for alternative fuels along the effective routes and the requirements to have a useful system of refueling stations.
  • Engage public agencies to align common elements of their objectives with the objectives of an alternative fuel corridor.
  • Secure available incentive funding to entice private sector participation and investment.
  • Promote the corridor initiative to fleets and the community by publicizing the potential benefits to the environment and reductions in operating costs for fleets.

Project Results:

  • Secured over $63.1 million in federal, state, and local grants: GNA, through ICTC, identified and helped make available incentive funding for private fleets for natural gas build-out projects. GNA worked with a steering committee comprised of the U.S. Department of Energy (Office of Transportation Technologies and Clean Cities Program); U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (Region IX); California Energy Commission; California Air Resources Board; San Bernardino Associated Governments, South Coast Air Quality Management District; Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District, and the Antelope Valley Air Quality Management District. The natural gas vehicle and station development is forecasted to amount to $148 million in economic activity.
  • Development of the largest natural gas truck deployment effort in the western United States: Working to secure public agency funding with private company investment, GNA helped facilitate the purchase and deployment of 759 heavy-duty and 160 light duty natural gas and LPG vehicles to utilize this alternative fuel infrastructure. ICTC has worked with local and national fleets to develop successful alternative fuel vehicle and station projects, including key partnerships with companies such as Burrtec Waste Industries, the City of Barstow, the City of San Bernardino, Harris Ranch, Hayday Farms, Hunter and Hunter Trucking, Stater Bros Markets, Sysco Foods, Temecula Downs, United Parcel Service, and Waste Management.
  • Construction of LNG and CNG refueling stations throughout the ICTC network: GNA provided assistance and agency support for 28 privately owned, public-access alternative fuel stations along the ICTC corridor. ICTC helped to coordinate the initiation and publicize the completion of natural gas fueling stations along the expansive corridor, including stations in Salt Lake City, UT; Las Vegas, NV; and City of Commerce, CA.
  • Significantly reduce emissions and fuel costs: ICTC’s station and vehicle procurement support has added to a cleaner fuels profile for the effective routes, and the stations directly contribute to offsets in diesel fuel in the western states. The fuel flow-through from these stations is estimated to reduce 27.8 million gallons of diesel consumption each year. This reduces environmental and public health hazards, criteria emissions NOx and PM by 1,585 tons annually.