Client Description:

North American automotive industry leader with the longest sustained U.S. manufacturing presence of any international automaker

Client Goals:

  • Promote the Honda Civic Natural Gas on the East Coast, which during its production, was the only dedicated OEM-built, CNG-powered passenger car assembled in the U.S
  • Leverage relationships under the American Honda brand and educate the Honda Zone Managers, District Managers, and dealerships in Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest states

GNA Strategy:

  • Identify fleet sales targets in 19 Northeast, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest states
  • Build relationships with the established Honda Zones and Zone Management, District Managers, and over 60 dealerships certified to sell the Civic Natural Gas
  • Identify trade shows and events that offer the opportunity to promote the Civic Natural Gas
  • Analyze available CNG fueling stations, and track the progress on construction of new CNG fueling stations
  • Become technically familiar with all aspects of the Civic Natural Gas, most importantly with the onboard CNG fuel delivery system
  • Provide training to dealership staff to ensure their understanding of the CNG fueling system

Project Results:

  • Surpassed vehicle sales objectives. GNA met and exceeded the goals, which were established by American Honda. These sales goals were met both by sales of wholesale vehicles from the manufacturing plant to the dealerships, as well as retail sales to fleet clients from the dealerships.
  • Identified fleets looking to purchase light duty alternative fuel vehicles.  GNA targeted fleets such as cities and municipalities, utilities, corporations, natural gas producers, and natural gas infrastructure providers.
  • Identified and tracked incentive funding for natural gas vehicles. Several states introduced funding incentives for the purchase of natural gas vehicles.  GNA assisted multiple fleets in the application process for funding to purchase the Civic Natural Gas.  American Honda created an internal promotion in 2013, offering a fuel card with the purchase of each Civic Natural Gas. GNA developed marketing tools and attended multiple events to market the fuel card incentive.
  • Developed marketing and sales tools used to promote the Civic Natural Gas. GNA helped implement an Employee Program, which corporations used to incentivize their employees to purchase a Civic Natural Gas. GNA also created marketing plans customized to the incentive programs being managed by individual states to encourage the purchase of natural gas vehicles.
  • Showcased the vehicles to fleets across the Northeast. GNA targeted, attended and spoke at over 75 events over the course of the five-year contract to promote the Civic Natural Gas to fleets.
  • Cultivated relationships with American Honda corporate staff, district leadership, and over 60 dealerships.  GNA ensured that each dealership that elected to be part of the CNG program was then certified to sell the Civic Natural Gas by participating in service and sales training.  GNA visited the certified Honda dealerships to review the material and demonstrate all aspects of the CNG fueling system.