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Client Description:

A New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU) regulated utility which has delivered natural gas to customers in northern New Jersey for more than 150 years

Client Goals:

  • Comply with the NJBPU request to provide input and evaluate the potential market for natural gas vehicle (NGV) technology and fueling infrastructure within the Elizabethtown Gas service area
  • Develop a plan to assess the existing fleet market in the territory, including the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal and Newark Airport
  • Identify the nature and costs of infrastructure investment needed to service the potential NGV market
  • Provide a report, once the market assessment is complete, to be included in a filing to the NJBPU in compliance with the New Jersey 2011 Energy Master Plan

Port ElizabethNatural Gas Refueling Stations in Northern New Jersey

GNA Strategy:

  • Provide a summary report on the potential market for NGV technology and fueling infrastructure within the Elizabethtown Gas service area
  • Conduct an analysis of the fleets operating in the Elizabethtown service territory and assess the potential market for NGVs among this group
  • Develop a fleet assessment survey and conduct multiple surveys of the market for natural gas in key vehicle sectors
  • Provide a description of the nature and costs of the infrastructure investment necessary to serve the potential NGV marketplace, including a primer on infrastructure development considerations
  • Identify the qualitative and quantitative costs and benefits of converting the marketplace to NGVs, including an analysis of the economical, technical, and other opportunities or barriers that may stimulate or suppress this market

Project Results:

  • Authored a report for Elizabethtown Gas after conducting the market assessment of the service territory: GNA found that the best opportunities for Elizabethtown Gas to provide natural gas to the transportation sector will be found in the immense cargo and passenger complexes in and around Port Elizabeth and Newark Airport. These locations have a concentration of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles that consume prodigious volumes of fuel, providing the most optimum conditions for the deployment of natural gas vehicle projects.
  • Led the presentation of the finalized market assessment report to key policymakers: GNA assisted Elizabethtown Gas with the presentation of the GNA report to key policymakers in the Governor’s office and the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities.
  • Alerted Elizabethtown Gas to the new, emerging off-road transportation markets for the use of natural gas: Elizabethtown is ideally situated to provide energy services to both the port complex in Port Elizabeth and Newark Airport’s southern operations.
  • Initiated discussions with The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey (PANYNJ): GNA coordinated several meetings to discuss the development of a natural gas fueling facility on land leased by a marine terminal from the PANYNJ. This facility would initially be used to fuel natural gas yard tractors that a marine terminal would purchase to replace their diesel fueled tractors. Later the facility would be used to fuel natural gas powered drayage trucks that may enter the market once there is the availability of natural gas fuel.
  • Conducted multiple site visits to a PANYNJ marine terminal: GNA reviewed marine terminal operations, as well as the equipment operated by the terminal that they would like to convert to natural gas.