Client Description:

CR&R is one of Southern California’s most innovative and successful recycling and waste collection companies, serving more than 2.5 million people and 5,000 businesses.

Client Goals:

  • Demonstrate the critical role of anaerobic digester facilities for CalRecycle’s 75% diversion goal.
  • Secure grant funding to expand CR&R’s anaerobic digestion facility in Perris, California and increasing RNG production.
  • Accelerate the approval and implementation of securing a connection to the local natural gas pipeline infrastructure.
  • Position CR&R as a leader in the effort to build a sustainable solid waste industry in California.

GNA Strategy:

  • Leverage funding opportunities from CalRecycle and the SCAQMD to support the expansion of their anaerobic digestion facility
  • Educate local agencies about the benefits of anaerobic digesters including the “virtuous circle” of capturing methane from organic waste and use that energy source to fuel trucks, resulting in a negative carbon intensity.
  • Facilitated discussions between CR&R and the Southern California Gas Company at the highest levels to elevate CR&R’s interest among executives at the gas utility.

Project Results:

  • $3 million in state grants secured from CalRecycle. CR&R was among the first entities to receive funding from the newly established Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund. Funding will be used to expand its current anaerobic digestion facility at the Perris Transfer Station and Materials Recovery Facility.
  • The expansion will double its processing capacity, resulting in the diversion of an additional 229 tons of organic material from landfills per day. The organics will be recycled into natural gas and organic soil amendments. The project is expected to create approximately 50 to 75 temporary construction jobs and 20 to 30 permanent jobs.
  • $900,000 additional funding was secured from SCAQMD’s technology advancement office. This money will be used to cost-share the construction of another anaerobic digester to increase production of RNG that will fuel their fleet of natural gas solid waste collection vehicles.
  • Organized site visit for SoCalGas executives and facilitated discussion between staffs that resulted in significant acceleration of the interconnection process.
  • Organized tour of the Perris facility for speaker-elect of the California Assembly, Chair of the Air Resources Board, and other state and local elected officials.
  • GNA continues to work with CR&R to educate municipalities, elected officials and other opinion leaders about the immense GHG benefits of the Perris AD project and the critical role RNG plays for California’s climate future.