Client Description:

CNGVP is an alliance of air quality, transportation and energy agencies, vehicle and engine manufacturers, fuel providers, transit and refuse hauler associations, and other stakeholders interested in increasing and strengthening the deployment of low-emission natural gas vehicles throughout California.

Client Goals:

  • Design a web portal for discussions, news, and updates surrounding the topics of natural gas vehicles and infrastructure
  • Deliver breaking news and newsletters to an opt-in subscriber list
  • Catalog policy updates and legislative changes in a single, current listing
  • Provide links to fuel pricing, product offerings, and available fueling stations in one central area for ease of use
  • Provide a visible presence for an active and influential industry group


GNA Strategy:

  • Design a simple, clean website with easy to navigate structure that is easily updated
  • Set up protocols to ensure monitoring of legislative updates, product announcements, station openings, and member-issued press releases
  • Develop event calendars for promotion on site and for possible CNGVP involvement
  • Actively seek ways to expand the mailing list and reach of the CNGVP updates and newsletters

Project Results:

  • Created a brand identity package and informational website: GNA worked with CNGVP on a sitemap and content for their website including key messaging points and a list of features that the partnership wished to offer members and stakeholders. GNA established ways to ensure that information was consistently updated and reflected the most current industry information available. GNA also incorporated contact information collection tools to build the partnership mailing list.
  • Developed supporting collateral pieces and tradeshow materials: GNA created a set of branded CNGVP informational one sheets to be used collectively as part of a press kit or alone at tradeshows or on other travel engagements as needed. These documents are updated as required and also provide a good template for use in creating promotional materials, signage, banners, or additional brochures.
  • Retained for multiple engagements: GNA’s working relationship with the CNGVP has spanned many years and our mutual long term goal is to ensure that the objectives of the website and outreach materials are consistently being met. The continuity that comes with a long-standing working relationship allows us to deeply understand the needs of the client and continually adjust our work product as situations dictate.
  • Provide ongoing customer support: GNA offers the benefit of industry knowledge and expertise, and we are frequently able to field questions and inquiries that come through the website. Many of the questions that the partnership receives are general in nature and can be answered using our knowledge of stations, infrastructure, fueling, and available equipment. We often are able to spot trends in queries and adapt the website content to better address these needs.